October 1, 2013 by SBPD AdministratorSouth Bend Moped Ordinance Now in Effect

      The City of South Bend has introduced an ordinance to require registration of motorized bikes (Mopeds) that are owned by residents. This comes after the Police Department and the City recognize that these motor vehicles operate on the streets with other licensed and regulated vehicles but are routinely stolen, modified and many times operated by persons not conforming to other rules of motor vehicle use.

      The moped ordinance goes into effect on October 1st, 2013. For the first six weeks after the ordinance’s effective date, officers will be stopping and counseling riders on ways to conform with the new rules. After November 15th, however, citations and/impounding of non-registered vehicles will commence. The rules are being put into place to assist law enforcement in the location and investigation of stolen mopeds, and also to place into effect a better method of determining the responsible parties and owners for each moped on the street.

      Below are some documents that explain the registration process and rules for mopeds in South Bend:

      Moped Registration and Affidavit
      10 Things to Know about the Ordinance
      City of South Bend Moped Ordinance

      *These documents require a .PDF reader to view and print.

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