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August 12, 2008 byCpl Edward Koczan

Because our children are so important to us, the City of South Bend and the South Bend Police Department is continuing a program to address the concerns of school traffic safety as the 2008-09 school year begins.

Officers will be out in force during rush hours beginning the week of August 13th, 2008. Police will be targeting individuals who commit traffic violations in the areas of our local schools.

This initiative will begin with enforcement of speed and "No Turn on Red" violations; continue to address the improper passing of stopped school busses, and end with monitoring our children's safe crossing of streets and crosswalks. There will be a particular day next week in which we will be able to accommodate media ride-alongs or other coverage of the Safe School Program.

Parents, children and morning commuters are urged to allow extra time for morning travel and keep safety a number one concern. Your police are committed to getting the school year off on a positive note by correcting any safety violations around our schools and making sure that everyone arrives to work and school safely.

Some particular areas of concern are:

  • Speeding on streets and parking lots near schools
  • Violating "No Turn On Red" zones, especially in the presence of school children
  • Dangerously accelerating through yellow traffic signals
  • Disregarding the directions of Crossing Guards
  • Disregarding the rights of pedestrians in designated cross-walks
  • Not stopping completely at stop signs
  • Violations of Indiana's seat-belt and child-restraint laws
  • Dangerously entering or exiting school parking or drop-off areas
  • Illegally passing school busses that display flashing red lights and the extended stop arm
  • Dangerously allowing children to exit motor vehicles in traffic, or not crossing at cross walks
  • Not driving defensively in the presence of children walking to school.

We want to start the year practicing good, safe pedestrian and driving practices. We will be out to correct any unsafe actions we see around our schools and students. Please help us avoid a tragedy.

Be safe in school zones.

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