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Employee/Officer of the Month :: 2007

October 10th, 2007 by Cpl Edward Koczan

The South Bend Police Department recognizes employees monthly for outstanding service or duty. The purpose of the Employee of the Month Award is to recognize officers or civilian employees on our department who have demonstrated actions that are noted by supervisors, or citizens from both a professional law enfocement position, and in support of our community policing efforts with our city citizens.

We will present this as a monthly feature as awards are noted and commended.

July 2007:: SBPD Patrolman David Young

Patrolman David Young received an “Exemplary Service Award” for his diligent efforts during the Midnight shift, to catch and arrest a male suspect in a summertime commercial robbery crime spree. The thief was allegedly targeting stores providing tobacco products, namely cigarettes—and resulting in expensive losses for the businesses. During surveillance in the 3300 block of North Portage Avenue, Ptl. Young caught the suspect in the act of a break-in attempt, and after signaling for back-up, he broke out in a foot pursuit and was able to take the suspect into custody.

Captain Jeffrey Walters stated “through his attention and determination to detail, Ptl. Young was able to catch him in the act, something which does not happen often in one’s career.”

August 2007:: SBPD Sergeant David Herron

Sgt David Herron in the office.

Sgt. Herron received an “Exemplary Service Award” for his proactive investigative efforts in taking an alleged serial criminal off the streets of South Bend— a male suspect who had been committing sex offenses near school bus stops. Acting on information he received as a School Resource Officer at Dickinson School, Sgt. Herron undertook surveillance at the Wilber and Longley bus stop for several mornings, before he reported to school. On August 24 he located the suspect, and with the assistance of several other SBPD uniform officers, they were able to take him into custody without incident. Captain Steven Richmond commended the team and Sgt. Herron’s consummate efforts in this capture.

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