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Employee/Officer of the Month :: 2007

April 12, 2007 by Cpl Edward Koczan

The South Bend Police Department recognizes employees monthly for outstanding service or duty. The purpose of the Employee of the Month Award is to recognize officers or civilian employees on our department who have demonstrated actions that are noted by supervisors, or citizens from both a professional law enfocement position, and in support of our community policing efforts with our city citizens.

We will present this as a monthly feature as awards are noted and commended.

January 2007: Cpl Phillip Herman

Cpl Herman is a four year veteran and is assigned to the third detail (midnights) patrol shift. Cpl Herman is recognized for efforts in apprehending two individuals that were involved in armed robberies on the southeast and north east sides of South bend on January 7, 2007.

Based upon information learned from an earlier robbery on January 7th, Ptl Herman was patrolling in the area of Ironwood and Edison in an attempt to gain information on potential target businesses, and took the time to investigate possible locations and escape routes.

Approximately 0300 hours, Cpl Herman noticed a clerk Walgreens nearby run out the door and point in the direction of a vehicle he observed leaving the area at a high rate of speed. This vehicle fled and a vehicle pursuit began. While attempting to catch up to the vehicle, Cpl Herman asked dispatch to contact the store to find out what may be wrong. He was advised that the occupant of the vehicle attempted a robbery of the store.

Cpl Herman followed proper department policy on the pursuit and as the vehicle turned around coming back towards Cpl Herman's police car, the suspect vehicle flattened a tire when driving over a curb. The occupants then fled on foot. Cpl Herman chased one suspect, and a K( officer/handler pursued the other.

Both suspects were apprehended and identified as robbery suspects. Using video footage from other robberies, another officer arrived and was able to identify the suspects as being involved from an earlier convenience store robbery during the shift. These suspects are believed to be involved in several similar robberies, which brought the crime spree to an end.

February 2007: Ptlm. Paul Strabavy

Ptlm. paul Strabavy is a two year veteran of the 2nd detail (afternoon) shift
. Ptlm. Strabavy is recognized as the Feb. 2007 Officer of the Month for his efforts in proactive policing. In a two week span in the month of February, Ptlm. Strabavy made seven felony arrests, multiple misdemeanor arrests, and recovered a significant ammount of narcotics, primarily cocaine and marijuana in his arrest encounters.

Ptlm. Strabavy alse recovered a handgun, and issued over forty traffic citations. Ptlm. Strabavy is known on the afternoon shift as a very hardworking officer, and maintains a good working relationship with other officers, and in dealing with the public.

Photos coming soon!

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