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SBPD Training Cadet Program

The South Bend Police Department is pleased to announce another opportunity for persons interested in a career with SBPD:

The renewed SBPD Cadet Program.

The Cadet program is designed to inspire future law enforcement leaders by offering hands on training and a career opportunity at the same time to acquaint young men and women with the career field of law enforcement.

What is the Police Cadet Program?
The SBPD Cadet Program is a part time employment position, designed to be filled by enthusiastic candidates who want to help make a difference in our community, while acquiring a broad overview of law enforcement in several different areas, such as crime scene processing, forensics, homeland security, community policing, crime analysis, crime prevention and records collection and storage.

Designed for young adults between 18-24, who are either seniors in high school, or a high school graduate planning on enrolling in college in the next possible term, the Cadet Program offers uniformed part time employment at the South Bend Police Department on a rotational assignment basis.

The Cadet program offers paid tuition (up to $2000.00 per semester) in the form of a loan, while employed. Upon graduation, and successful completion of the SBPD Officer testing and hiring process, the loan would be written off by the city and the valuable experience gained as a cadet will have you on the way to your career as a South Bend Police Officer.

What will I be doing as a Cadet?
Once accepted into the Cadet Program, you will be assigned to uniform Cadet training duties. Police Cadets work many details and assignments in uniform, and are involved in the following areas of rotational training within the department:
Training Opportunities
Police Cadets gain valuable experience and training in preparation for a career in law enforcement. Although Police Cadets have no sworn police powers, they receive the following training including:
  • Community Oriented Policing Philosophy
  • Ethics and decision-making
  • Cultural awareness
  • Patrol techniques
  • Crime scene control
  • Defensive tactics
  • Firearms safety
  • Report writing/report taking
  • Evidence handling/processing
  • CPR/First Aid
Those interested in the program must meet the following criteria:
  • Age 18-24 at time of application
  • Senior in high school OR Graduated and enrolled in college
  • Be of good moral character and complete successful background investigation
  • Have no arrests or convictions which would prohibit employment as a police officer
  • U.S. citizen or have a valid green card

Upon Becoming a SBPD Police Officer
Upon completion of a four year college degree, and age 21 or higher, a police cadet would be hired (as positions and openings are available) as a Police Officer if:

  • GPA of 2.0 or higher is maintained
  • A favorable recommendation from the cadet board is recieved
  • All phases of the recruitment testiung & hiring process is completed

The Cadet will then be hired as a probationary Officer and retainined as a SBPD Police Officer pending ILEA graduation and successful completion of our Field Training Officer (FTO) program takes place.

Applications are accepted on an open continuous basis. The Cadet Academy will be held soon for new Cadet Applicants. For an application, contact the Police Cadet Coordinator, or download the form here .(Coming soon)
More Information
If you have questions about the the program please contact the Police Cadet Coordinator, Lt. Mattie Taylor, at 574.235.7529.

Questions? Need more information?

South Bend Police Department
Training & Recruiting
701 West Sample Street
South Bend , Indiana 46601

Eligible candidates are invited to submit an application. The South Bend Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to securing the "best of the best" force, in all fairness and irrespective of race, gender or religion (or color).

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