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Regional Crime Intelligence Unit (RCIU) 

The Regional Crime Intelligence Unit (RCIU) was founded in 2002 and falls under the structure of the Community Relations Division.  The RCIU is a technical and specialized unit with the primary goal to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of police resources.  This is accomplished through the tracking and identification of pattern crimes, crime waves, chronic offenders, nuisance homes/businesses and neighborhoods experiencing a sudden rash of criminal activity. 

The unit is comprised of two sworn-officers and one civilian.  The South Bend Police Department divides the City into quarters known as regions (Northwest, Northeast, Southeast and Southwest).  Each officer is responsible for two regions.  With the assistance of the civilian crime analyst, the officers review police reports and dispatches that have or may have an impact on the quality of life in their respective regions.

Please note: If you are seeking information on specific crime statistics for a particular location, these statistics are obtained thru our Records Division via an Access to Public Record Request. General inquiries regarding the statistic information should be directed to our Public Information Office, Attn Teri Lanning, at 574.235.9201.

Northwest and Northeast Region

Southwest and Southeast Region
Sergeant Chris Voros

Using highly sophisticated computer software, RCIU personnel are able use information from calls-for-service and police reports to identify any relationships between the individual crimes and evolving patterns.  The Regional Crime Intelligence Unit then provides investigative leads to solving burglaries, robberies, motor vehicle thefts and a variety of other crimes.  From their offices, unit personnel are capable of quickly discerning if drug and weapon violations occur within 1000 feet of prohibited areas.  Finally, RCIU generates thermographic maps of the City with hot-spots (high crime areas) and cold-spots (low crime areas).  This allows the police department to identify neighborhoods experiencing a high concentration of crime compared to other areas in the City.   

The RCIU also continues to the monitor the City to determine the impact police resources are having in a community.  While peopleís perception on police action is subjective, RCIU uses an objective and measurable tool to assess the Departmentís effectiveness. 

All of this information is discussed in bi-monthly meetings called Crime Control Strategy Sessions (CCSS), which is modeled after COMPSTAT.  The Chief of Police holds these meetings with his division chiefs, patrol and investigative commanders and other personnel.  The Regional Crime Intelligence Unit is present to distribute their report and discuss their findings.  The commanding officers then use the information to make personnel and deployment decisions to counter criminal activity. 

The Regional Crime Intelligence Unit is also responsible for providing crime maps and statistics to the media, the SBPD website and other sources. 

The unit also commands several patrol grant operations, such as Weed & Seed, Lincolnway West and Western Ave Corridor Patrols. 

Finally, the two sworn-officers hold monthly region meetings with the citizens in their region.  The meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month and are intended to provide the citizens with information that may impact their safety and, ultimately, the RCI officers are looking for any information that could solve a crime in the respective region.  
Weekly Crime Map information can be viewed here.

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