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Police Athletic League (PAL)

In 2006, the South Bend Police Department Athletic League was re-launched, with the startup of the South Bend Police Boxing Club.

South Bend Police Department Chief Darryl Boykins and Pastor Verneil Lewis of Grace Community Baptist Church have paired “in the ring” to bring the new South Bend Police Boxing Club to inner city boys and girls, ages 10-18. This free program matches cops and kids in a sports mentoring program showcasing the skills and self discipline of boxing.

Hand-in hand with the SBPD Chief’s “Enough is Enough” anti-violence campaign during the summer of 2006, the Boxing Club was born out of a need to encourage young people to value peaceful and positive ways to resolve differences or frustrations. It’s a way for youths to put down violence and death—and put on the boxing gloves for a better life.

Gym Address
Grace Community Baptist Church Center
749 Harrison Avenue South Bend, IN 46634
Phone: 574.273.4220
Monday 5-7 p.m.
Wednesday 5-7 p.m.

Chief Boykins says “Boxing is more than a sport. It’s an art form and something that can teach kids to better

understand responsibility and self-control.” This boxing/ sparring workout and supervised sportsmanship is a healthy way for youth to not only keep in shape but to also build self esteem.

To Make a Donation or Volunteer please contact:
South Bend Police Dept. Chief Darryl Boykins
Phone: 574.235.9311

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